Where the pulse of innovation meets the power of community. As a pioneering collective at the forefront of the digital revolution, we unite founders, developers, designers, and investors who are passionate about Web3 and AI.

Member Benefits

1. Exclusive Event Access: Be among the first to attend high-impact events, curated specifically for our members. Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that will shape the future.2. Deal Flow: Gain early access to the hottest startups, so you never miss investment alpha.3. Investor Access: Discover which firms are deploying capital, and find the perfect match for your vertical on your chain.4. Premium Talent Network: Connect with featured job listings and industry-leading candidates. Expand your team or find your next opportunity within our exclusive talent pool.5. Cutting-edge Research: Stay ahead of the curve with priority access to the latest Web3 and AI research papers. Uncover valuable insights and knowledge that will help you innovate and excel in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.6. Alpha Communication Channels: Engage in meaningful conversations with influential community members in our private Telegram alpha channels. Collaborate, network, and grow together in a supportive and inspiring environment.

How It Started, How It Went in Season 1

Companies, chains, or houses who want to support our DAO or use our platform to launch their web3 platform.

If you are a DAO, developer, musician, company and want to use the location/be part of the next location, let us know.

Empire DAO FAQ

What is EmpireDAO?

EmpireDAO connects Web3 developers, artists, entrepreneurs, investors in physical and online locations.

Can I come work out of EmpireDAO?

Season One at 190 Bowery has ended, but stay tuned for new locations, accelerators, events soon.

Can I host an event with EmpireDAO?

Yes, please email support@empiredao.xyz to get in touch.

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