EmpireDAO captures the zeitgeist of the social and cultural transformation occurring with the advent of decentralized finance and blockchain

Companies, chains, or houses who want to support our DAO or use our platform to launch their web3 platform.

If you are a DAO, developer, musician, company and want to use the location/be part of the initial community, let us know.

EmpireDAO's mission is to accelerate the growth of Web3. To do this, we help communities around the world launch spaces for developers, local citizens, and more to build a Web3 community.

EmpireDAO's first location is now open in NYC


190 Bowery, Soho


What is EmpireDAO?

EmpireDAO is the connective tissue between blockchains and web3 entrepreneurs. Empire unlocks synergies between the two through stimulating creative space, their multidisciplinary community, and hands-on in-house consulting. Is it the singular unique global location that brings together Layer 1 developers, NFT artist, cultural and media influencers, and DeFi degen in a physical location.

Can I come work out of EmpireDAO?

Yes! Come by for a day pass and tour but first step please review our code of conduct here

Can I host an event at EmpireDAO?

Yes, please email support@empiredao.xyz to get in touch.

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