IRL Tokenized NFT communities to accelerate Web3

Companies, chains, or houses who want to support our DAO or use our platform to launch their own tokenized NFT community.

If you are a DAO, developer, musician, company and want to use the location/be part of the initial community lets us know.

EmpireDAO's mission is to accelerate the growth of Web3. To do this, we help communities around the world launch spaces for developers, local citizens, and more to build a Web3 community.

EmpireDAO's first location will be in opening in Q1 2022 in NYC off of Bowery.


190 Bowery, Soho

EmpireDAO's first location will be in opening in Q1 2022 in NYC off of Bowery.


How are you dealing with sponsors? Are the tokens tied to the sponsorship?

Sponsors are given different NFT packages to get access to the services EMPIRE Dao is providing. Sponsors will be able to buy NFTs in a private sale. During $EMPIRE IDO, the sponsor will be airdropped EMPIRE token during IDO. IDO still TBD.

On what network will you be launching your token?

We have not decided the network we will launch EMPIRE on just yet. However, we plan to have EMPIRE and its equivalent wrapped asset exist on every chain that has partnered with us once $EMPIRE has launched.

Does Empire DAO have a community and traction?

Empire has aa list of DAOs/teams that want to work out out of its first location. Feel free to fill out our interest form below.

Is $EMPIRE deployed as a DAO onchain at this time?

Empire is not yet deployed as a DAO on chain yet. A future date is TBD and tied to the launch of the $EMPIRE token.

What utility does $EMPIRE provide that the NFTS do not?

As of now, all of EMPIRE’s services can be purchased and redeemed with an NFT. During the first few months, conversations with Daos and teams will help finalize the $EMPIRE utility and tokenomics. At this point, clear utility difference between EMPIRE and the NFTs will have been made and we will launch the EMPIRE token.

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