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Welcome to a world where decentralized ownership thrives, and vibrant ecosystems are built to propel innovation. Join us in our mission to drive meaningful change and create a more equitable future, all through the powerful potential of Web3.

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Join the EmpireDAO community by becoming a member. Choose from our various membership types, including Founder, Investor, Developer, Artist, Student and Faculty, Corporate, and Policy Maker. Click on each type to apply for the corresponding NFT. (coming soon)

Accelerator Services

EmpireDAO's Accelerator Services are renowned for driving commercial success.We deliver a variety of tailored services to accelerators, enabling them to effectively support startups in their journey towards Web3 integration.


Web3 Expertise & Customized Curriculum
* Startup, Mentor & Investor Selection
* Community Building, Networking & DAO Management
* Business Growth & Support Services
* Mentorship and Team Support
* Post-Accelerator Alumni Network

Web3 Consulting

Web3 Strategy Consultation: We help businesses understand and adapt to the evolving landscape of Web3 technologies, from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to smart contracts and DAOs.DAO Consultation: We provide expert advice on DAO governance, tokenomics, and community building, ensuring sustainable and profitable operations.Educational Workshops: We organize workshops and training sessions to educate businesses about the intricacies of the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

VenDAO is a small business prototype that harnesses the power of fractionalized ownership to democratize access to assets and promote financial transparency.
VenDAO serves as an open-sourced real-world example for future legislation and innovation.

Supported by the Solana Foundation

What is EmpireDAO?

EmpireDAO unites the Web3 ecosystem by gathering developers, artists, entrepreneurs, investors in physical and online locations.

Is EmpireDAO an actual DAO?

EmpireDAO is a "DAO" in air quotes at this stage. The goal is to obtain IRL assets build toward becoming a legitimate and legally recognized DAO.

Can I come work out of EmpireDAO?

Season One at 190 Bowery has ended, but stay tuned for new locations, accelerators, events soon. You can always find a desk or talent in the Telegram channels.
Snag the NFTs on the membership page (when available).

How can I find out more about accelerator services, co-hosting an event, or a partnering with EmpireDAO?

Please email support@empiredao.xyz to get in touch.

How EmpireDAO Started